How You Can Help


Volunteer to Make a Difference  in the Lives of Kids in St. Louis’ Juvenile Justice System!

Being detained is a challenging time for youth. You can make an impact on a child’s life by connecting as an ECM volunteer. It is a life-changing experience for our children and our volunteers! How might YOU utilize the gifts God has given you to make a difference for the children we serve?

Consider these volunteer roles (2-3 hours/week or more):

  • Library Assistant at the County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Reading/Math Tutor, one on one or small groups.
  • Program Assistant: Gather and organize supplies, help kids with the program activities.
  • Research: find information/resources for youth programs (faith formation, crime prevention, music, grief/loss, etc.)
  • Activity Assistant: Seasonal/special occasion activities (Holidays, Graduation, etc.)
  • Career Talk: Share about your career (education/training, job opportunities, experiences, lessons learned, etc.)
  • Ministry of Presence: Interact with kids one on one or in small groups, playing cards or games, watching movies, etc.

Do you have an idea God has placed on your heart that could inspire and motivate a kid that is NOT listed? We want to hear about it!

Make a difference by becoming an ECM volunteer! Contact us if you would like to serve in any capacity: or 314-436-3545.

Together, let’s bring hope and healing to children in the juvenile justice system!

NOTE: Because we serve children whose identities are protected and whose records are sealed, all volunteers are required by the Family Court to complete an application and background check. ECM will provide the required paperwork and submit your application to the Court. (There are no fees, and your private information is kept strictly confidential.) New volunteers are also required to attend an Orientation conducted by ECM chaplains. (Volunteers approved in 2023 for County Birthday Celebrations are also approved to serve in other ways at the County JDC.)