Executive Director Elizabeth “Beth” Goad will retire from the Episcopal City Mission (ECM) at the end of 2022 as she completes ten years of service.
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It’s time to come together and light the way for those that need us the most.
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Forest Park Golf Clubhouse
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All children are worthy of love and understanding.

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We make God visible to the children we serve.

Episcopal City Mission

Ministry of Presence Probably the most important aspect of the chaplains' time with the children is what we call “the ministry of presence”. Our chaplains walk the halls; visit the units; play cards, board games, or video games; or watch TV with the youth. The non-anxious presence of our chaplains reassures the teens that their spiritual well-being is being looked after.
Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission1 week ago
ECM's chaplains are unique in that they work with children in detention, but like the chaplains mentioned in this article, they also, "offer a listening ear..." and, “validate what a person is feeling and give them some sense of hope or stability in the midst of chaotic times.” Thanks be to God for our chaplains Clive E. Ponnuraj, Deborah Burris, Norman Malloyd and Kevin Aldridge!
Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission2 weeks ago
We honored and thanked the Detention Center Staff for their hard work and dedication to the care and safety of the children we serve. The kids are in crisis, with many challenges, and the staff have a difficult job. We treated them with snacks to show our appreciation for them and the work they do and to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.
Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission2 weeks ago
"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." (Psalm 107:1-3)
We give thanks to the Lord for ALL of you who bless our ministry with the youth in the Juvenile Justice System. We are especially grateful for The Rev. Tamsen Whistler and all our friends at Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Charles for blessing the 90+ children in detention with hand-decorated Thanksgiving Goody Bags. Happy Thanksgiving! Truly we are blessed!
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Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission3 weeks ago
We believe every child should know the magic of the holiday season, including those in detention! Please remember to include the children we serve on your Christmas shopping list. Gifts are needed by Thursday, Dec. 15 so they can be wrapped at our Gift Wrapping party on Monday, Dec. 19. See the flier below for more details.
Many congregations in the St. Louis metro area are participating in our Holiday Giving program. Is yours? This holiday season share some LOVE to bring HOPE & HEALING to the children in detention!
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Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission3 weeks ago
We're grateful year round for our faithful volunteers and congregations who host monthly birthday celebrations for the kids at St. Louis City and County Juvenile Detention Centers. As we approach Thanksgiving, we give thanks for Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion and St. John's, Tower Grove for hosting the November celebrations. We know the kids are thankful, too!
#DioMO #STLjuvenilejustice #EpiscopalCityMission #hopeandhealing #juvenilejustice #youthatrisk
Episcopal City Mission
Episcopal City Mission1 month ago
Riddle: What's the scariest thing for kids on Halloween?
Answer: NOT getting any treats! 😱
ALL 100 of the kids at the City and County Juvenile Detention Centers will receive a Halloween Goody Bag, thanks to our friends in the Pursuing Racial Justice Ministry at Christ Church Cathedral!