How You Can Help


We need your help to build our ministry of presence for young people who desperately need someone on their side.

For many years we were the only organization that ministered to children in the St. Louis juvenile justice system. We love, support and stand by those that society deems the least of us.

The work of Episcopal City Mission is funded primarily through donations by individuals, churches, and the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. We receive no money from the government or United Way. Only a small portion of our operating funds comes from foundations and charitable trusts; we rely on people like you to continue our ministry.

Donations may be made to Episcopal City Mission in the following ways:

  • Online

    Make an online donation through Network for Good ...donate now

  • By Check

    Check payable to:
    Episcopal City Mission
    1210 Locust Street, Suite 306
    St. Louis, MO 63103
    Phone: 314.436.3545


Rockwell Society

The Rockwell Society members are generous donors who pledge to make a gift of $1,000 or more each year. These gifts ensure that we will continue to have chaplains available in the detention centers, providing hope and healing to the children there.

Dalton Legacy Society

The Dalton Legacy Society was established by Episcopal City Mission’s Board in 2014 to honor our first chaplain, The Rev. J. Albert Dalton, and to ensure that his invaluable work with the youth of St. Louis would continue. By giving or making a commitment to give to the ECM Endowment Fund, you become a member of The Dalton Legacy Society and ensure that ECM can continue its important work for years into the future.

Gifts you can give anytime include cash, securities, or gifts from Donor-Advised Funds. Gifts after your lifetime can be made through a bequest in your will or living trust, retirement plan assets, savings bonds, and life insurance death benefits. There are many other charitable giving techniques; consult your financial advisor to determine what’s best for you.

Leave Behind a Legacy of Hope & Healing: Become of Member of The Dalton Legacy Society

Contact ECM’s Executive Director, Nathan Ivy, with any questions or to schedule a time to discuss becoming a member of The Dalton Legacy Society. Endowment Fund documents are available upon request from the ECM office.

Senior Rockwell Society 2019
$2,000 +


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Corey
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Dell
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Deutsch
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Entenmann
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Guignon
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jordan
Mrs. Jane Klieve
Mr. Maurice Meslans & Ms. Margaret Holyfield
The Rev. Brooke Myers & The Rev. Anne Kelsey
Mr. & Mrs. George Podolsky
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Randazzo
Mr. Llewellyn Sale III
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sharp
The Marlene Swan Memorial Fund
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Witte


Church of St. Michael & St. George
Episcopal Diocese of Missouri
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Foundations & Grants

Cardinals Care
Jordan Charitable Foundation
St. Louis Service Bureau
The Pershing Charitable Trust

Rockwell Society 2019
$1,000 +


Dr. Karen & Mr. Steven Barney
Russell E. Browning Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Clark
Mrs. William Park Coxe
Mr. & Mrs. David Culver
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dyer
Mr. Aaron Eidson & Ms. Nicole Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eidson
Mr. Jerry Garrett
Mr. & Mrs. Ramiz Hakim
Charlotte & Paul Hagemann Fund of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation
Ms. Judith Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kuhn
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Lemkemeier
Mr. Randy Mariani & Ms. Pat Redington
Ms. Lesley K. McIntire, Lesley McIntire Charitable Fund of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation
Ms. Mary Mosqueda
Mr. Robert Roy Pennington
Mr. Robert Phillips & Ms. Angela Mitchell-Phillips
Ms. Ann Marie Ruhlin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Russell
Ms. Martha M. Shaffer
The Rev. Susan Skinner
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ziegler
Mr. Brian Zielinski
Ms. Michelle Zielinski & Mr. Frank Goudsmit


Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Church
St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Foundations & Grants

Fischer-Bauer-Knirps Foundation

"I have been praying to God for help, and now you are here!"Teenage girl's comment to ECM Chaplain Min. Norman Malloy