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Jeff Fabbiano

Chaplain Jeff has a passion to see kids experience healing through God’s grace. He has spent thousands of hours working with adolescents.

Jeff has the heart of a counselor and utilizes his skills to serve the young people in detention. He has served as a part-time chaplain at the City and County Detention Centers since June 2010.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry from Trinity International University and completed his Master of Arts in Counseling from Missouri Baptist University. Jeff and his wife, Katie, have three children, Samuel, Joshua and Halle.

In addition, Jeff was born in Chicago and is an avid Chicago sports fan. His loyalty to the Cubs was finally rewarded in 2016 when they won the World Series, much to the chagrin of his co workers.

  • “Our kids are not forgotten"

    Jeff is someone the kids can depend on